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Registration of Nigerians In

The Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, has concluded plans to register Nigerians , their Associations, and Businesses, in Canada.

The High Commission would therefore appreciates if all Nigerians in Canada could cooperate  in this important endeavor that will surely move Nigeria and her nationals forward, by filling our questionnaire below. The exercise is  aimed  at  achieving among others, the following objectives ;
  • a) Establish and effectively monitor the number and spread of Nigerians across Canada thus enabling better services and to come to their aid, in the event of natural or man-made emergencies, as well as to ensure their maximum welfare;
  • b) Issue Nigerians in Canada identification card, which could, in the near future, become “Nigeria Identity Card Abroad ";
  • c) Unite Nigerians, Nigerian Associations, and Nigerian Businesses, to enhance their unity and cooperation, rather than competition, in the pursuit of the Canadian dream;
  • d) Establish the number, size/strength and spread of Nigerians;
  • e) Support and channel contribution of Nigerian Associations and Businesses in the on-going developmental efforts in Nigeria; and
  • f) Build enough “critical mass” to convince the Nigerian Government to consider approving absentee voting. It is your right to be served better, a conviction that can only be possible with your cooperation.











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