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Mrs Bola  Asaju

Registration of Nigerians In

The Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa, has concluded plans to register Nigerians , their Associations, and Businesses, in Canada.

The High Commission would therefore appreciates if all Nigerians in Canada could cooperate  in this important endeavor that will surely move Nigeria and her nationals forward, by filling our questionnaire below. The exercise is  aimed  at  achieving among others, the following objectives ;
  • a) Establish and effectively monitor the number and spread of Nigerians across Canada thus enabling better services and to come to their aid, in the event of natural or man-made emergencies, as well as to ensure their maximum welfare;
  • b) Issue Nigerians in Canada identification card, which could, in the near future, become “Nigeria Identity Card Abroad ";
  • c) Unite Nigerians, Nigerian Associations, and Nigerian Businesses, to enhance their unity and cooperation, rather than competition, in the pursuit of the Canadian dream;
  • d) Establish the number, size/strength and spread of Nigerians;
  • e) Support and channel contribution of Nigerian Associations and Businesses in the on-going developmental efforts in Nigeria; and
  • f) Build enough “critical mass” to convince the Nigerian Government to consider approving absentee voting. It is your right to be served better, a conviction that can only be possible with your cooperation.

Hours of Operation
  • Operation hours for consular services are from 10:00AM to 1:00PM Tuesday to Friday



Important Information about PASSPORT



       All applicants for  e- passport must generate appointment online and strictly adhere to their appointment date, as no applicant will be attended to without appointment;

       Applicants are strongly advised to periodically check the Mission's website to know when the High Commission (NHC) is closed/observing public holidays - both Nigerian and Canadian holidays;

       Note that, any applicant whose appointment date falls on MONDAY and public holidays, will have to reschedule a new appointment date by calling the NHC at 1-613-236-0521 Ext. 233/228; or 1 613 565 5555.

Operation hours for consular services are from 10:00AM to 1:00PM, Tuesday to Friday ;

       Applicants for e-passports MUST come in person to the NHC with:

(1) Duly completed application form and supporting document such as, old
Machine Readable Passport (MRP) passport, photocopy of passport data page and one recent Passport -sized Photograph

 Evidence of On-Line payment of US$65.00, payment and acknowledgement slip.

(3) Self- addressed return envelope (Priority or Express post)
  for the passport to be mailed within two working days ;

Administrative Charge of CAD$30.00 Money Order  payable to the Nigeria High Commission.

(5) Applicants who are unable to present their MRP Passport will have to pay a Federal Government Levy of US$250 money order payable to Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa;

(6) When applying for e-passport for minors under sixteen years or infant born in Canada or outside Nigeria, birth certificate, letter of consent from the parents and photocopy of the data page of the parents must be provided;

      (7)  Single parents applying for children passport must submit letter of SOLE CUSTODY from a recognized public Notary.

      (8)  All applications for RE-ISSUE of E-PASSPORT/LOST OF E-PASSPORT should submit a Letter of Application addressed to The Minister - Consular and Immigration, Nigeria High Commission, Ottawa. Together with the followings; a] Your Passport Acknowledgement Slip, b] Two passport size photo,  c] Payment receipt  d] Provide daytime phone number and, e] In case of lost passport, a Police report indicating the previous passport number and copy of the data page of the lost passport is also required.

(9) Please Visit the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to complete and print the On-Line Application Form.

14TH  May, 2012





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